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Passionate about delivering exceptional and personalized spa experience, empowered with an understanding that each skin type is different, Spa Cosmedica emphasizes the importance of personal consultation, professional assessment and skin analysis at clients' initial visit.

From first consultation to a healthy and beautiful end result, Spa Cosmedica offers expert product and service knowledge. All treatments are provided with personally selected, scientifically proven brands listed at the bottom of home page.

Nestled in a quiet enclave of Yorkville, Toronto, Ontario along with the convenience of free parking, Spa Cosmedica is Toronto's best kept secret, offering a serene, relaxing atmosphere and complete privacy.


Working with the body for over 30 years, Dana Syryca has focused her craft on all the manifestations of cellular damage and accelerated aging that are skin deep, providing her clients with measurable results in both their visual appearance and their overall sense of well-being.

A native of Poland, Dana incorporates her deeply rooted cultural and educational experiences as a skin care therapist to promote her philosophy “skin care is health care.” Dana's home country has served as a foundation for the creation of her renowned rejuvenation therapies and results.

Dana brings a unique approach to her clients that combines the “magic” of traditional remedies with modern technologies to provide a deeper nurturing experience for you. Building on her European roots and an established, loyal following, Dana provides these forward-thinking and nurturing touch.

With her vision, and over 30 years of strengthening her techniques, Dana leads the way in skin analysis for face and body care.


In the last few years the trend in skincare has been more about what is not in...and less about what is actually in the products.  Today, products are made to give the illusion of healthier skin rather than actually provide health benefits.  Just as we have been conditioned to read the ingredients of packaged food for their content, so should the process be for purchasing skin care.  Just as we are deceived in our food choices, the same applies to what we put on our skin. 

In our attempts to maintain youthful appearance we must look at beauty as a by product of healthy skin.  Sure a healthy diet and exercise helps for our overall wellness however skin, our largest organ is low on the priority list when it comes to our other organs that are fighting for nutrients we consume.  So what can we do? We must feed our skin the nutrients it requires to achieve optimum skin health and maintain a strong barrier to environmental factors such a sun damage.  What are these active ingredients?  Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Antioxidants and Peptides, backed by science. And just like food, we want them as close to the top of the list as possible!

We not only need to be looking at the ingredients, but we also need to consider how to best administer them by ensuring the most effective  absorption of these valuable active ingredients into our skin.

SpaCosmedica has spent 20 years working with the most innovative science based products to achieve optimal results for clients. Book your consultation today, your skin will thank you for it.

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